Ami-CA is promoted by 2050 TO PEOPLE, a nonprofit association created to spread awareness and develop projects that focus on environmental and social sustainability to promote the important goals set by the Green Deal which go hand in hand with the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development
2050 TO PEOPLE bring together artists and performers to create engaging artistic itineraries,
exhibitions and performances related to sustainability in order to raise awareness and promote
positive change.
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Tensostructures are geometric constructions that connect different elements without touching each
other via tensioned cables.
The form represents a praise for lightness, which is not synonymous with fragility. For sustainability,
for the planet, for us, our presence on earth must be light.
Floating constellations
The project involves depicting the 12 constellations of the zodiac made of phosphorescent painted
floating hemispheres connected together. Luminous in the night they will reflect the starry vault on
the surface of the sea.
We observe the water and see the sky.
Ron Gilad, The Door to the Sea
The linear, concise form derived from a work by designer Ron Gilad conveys the striking image of a
door ajar, inviting us to enter another space, the sea, with due respect and politeness.
Wire Flamingos
It may be because the climate has changed or it may simply be because it feels good if flamingos
have been resident in Cagliari’s salt marshes for several years.
Representing them transparently in pink painted wire suggests being like them, polite and shy
guests of the lagoon.
Sea urchin Mandala
The oriental mandala in its circular form is a depiction of the inner universe.
Its construction, made moreover from fertilizer material, is a reflection on the world and the
environment. And a celebration of the beautiful sea urchin.
Turning steel cable protection into an abacus means being able to play with urban architecture while
respecting it. In fact, it allows little ones to play with numbers and allows adults to play with colors
and shapes. Everything can be used for play, with little.