Nature offers us an immense variety of visible and invisible forms that escape our eye, fascinating and mysterious, constantly moving and evolving. Many contemporary artists have been inspired by natural forms, especially since the invention of the microscope, which has revealed worlds infinitely small and suggestive in shape and color: diatoms, ciliates, protozoa, molds, bacilli, paramecium, radiolarians…

Microorganisms, in addition to their scientific interest, have become a source of inspiration for multicolored compositions and complex forms. These normally invisible forms have been used visibly, have been multiplied, enlarged, reversed, and composed with other elements of visual language in such a way that they lost their real connotation and became a work of abstract art.

About me

Nature is the source to draw inspiration from in terms of form, light and movement. With careful and accurate study, mediated by precise drawing, Andrea Forges Davanzati transforms these tiny life forms in works of large dimensions and special suggestions. In steel, exploiting modern processing technologies, he reproduces them through reflective and mirrored surfaces, attributes that make them truly fascinating.